Thermotherapy (Heat Therapy)


Vanish Your Pain with The Comfort of Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy (heat therapy) is a procedure that involves the application of superficial heat to injured or damaged body parts. The heat alters tissue temperatures in targeted regions. These temperature increases make the tissues more extensible. Patients report experiencing pain relief and faster healing. That’s because this therapy technique improves blood circulation.

Thermotherapy, also called heat therapy, utilises controlled heat delivery to tissues to provide therapeutic pain relief and healing benefits across various musculoskeletal conditions.

Pain Free India Physiotherapy leverages heat therapy modalities like hot packs, infrared lamps, paraffin wax baths, and hydrotherapy pools. These provide safe and rapid healing of injured tissues while relaxing muscles.

Thermotherapy (Heat Therapy)

As pioneers in providing Thermotherapy in India, we employ targeted heat treatments to address the following:

  • Chronic Pain Relief:

  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia


  • Sports Injuries:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Swelling/bruising
  • Muscle spasms

How Does Heat Therapy Work?

Heat causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood circulation. This boosts oxygen and nutrient supply to affected tissues while flushing out toxins and metabolic wastes.

Increased blood flow from heat treatments helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation that causes pain/swelling
  • Relax tense, stiff muscles
  • Loosen joint connective tissues
  • Lessen nerve sensitivity causing chronic pain
  • Improved blood flow helps eliminate toxins from the body
  • Enables people to tackle their fatigue and take part in physical activities

Heat additionally facilitates stretching and exercises during rehabilitation by increasing tissue extensibility. Our therapists leverage these effects for accelerated recovery across muscle, joint and nerve injuries.

Hot pack therapy and localised heating prepare injured regions optimally for manual therapy interventions. Heat treatments expand joint spaces prior to mobilisation for magnified pain relief and flexibility improvements.

Restore your flexibility and relaxation

Searching “Thermotherapy service providers near me” can help you access specialised heat treatment services nearby. Visit our clinics in Delhi-NCR to learn more about the pain-relieving benefits of thermotherapy.

Our expert physiotherapists at Pain Free India Physiotherapy first determine what type of heating modality suits your condition through evaluation. We then deliver customised heat therapy using hot packs, infrared or ultrasound to target tissues optimally.

Undergo soothing thermotherapy sessions at Pain Free India Physiotherapy as part of your rehabilitation regimen to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and effectively accelerate healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does heat therapy work?

It utilises conduction and conversion to deliver thermal energy that causes safe vasodilation. This increases blood flow to heal injured tissues faster.

  • What does thermotherapy treat?

It can effectively alleviate pain from sprains, arthritis aches, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, cramps and nerve sensitivity.

  • When should heat therapy not be used?

Avoid heat in case of skin wounds, inflammation without swelling or acute injuries within the first ~48 hours when cold therapy is preferable.

  • What types of thermotherapy do you offer?

We provide hot moist packs, infrared heat lamps, paraffin baths, hydrotherapy and contrast bathing through our special equipment.

  • Are heat treatments painful?

Thermotherapy should induce a soothing warmth without causing burns or additional pain when equipment safety guidelines are followed by trained experts.

  • How long do heat therapy sessions last?

Heating sessions average 15-30 minutes, based on condition. The area may be prepped with cold prior to heat. Cool-downs prevent adverse responses afterwards.

  • How frequently can it be administered?

Heat can be repeated multiple times a day during the subacute and later stages of injury recovery as guided by your therapist.

  • When will I see pain relief from heat?

Most patients experience decreased stiffness, joint/muscle pain and inflammation either immediately or in the hours following thermotherapy.

  • Can I self-administer heat treatments?

While home heating pads can help maintain benefits, specialised heat delivery modalities should only be administered by licensed therapists initially to avoid burns or exacerbation.

  • Does insurance pay for thermotherapy?

Many major insurance providers cover professionally delivered thermotherapy billed under physiotherapy care. Contact your insurer to confirm coverage specifics.


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