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Pain Free India Physiotherapy At Home offers one of the most trusted home physiotherapy services in Delhi. What sets us apart from others is our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists and the way we approach each treatment.

We understand people avail home physiotherapy services for a number of reasons which is why we make sure that accessing our services is as easy and comfortable as possible.

We Offer Physiotherapy At Home For Various Conditions

  • Physiotherapy for Elderly
  • Knee Physiotherapy after TKR/ knee replacement
  • Neurological Physiotherapy for Stroke
  • Spinal Rehabilitation post surgery
  • Post operative Physiotherapy
  • Neuro musculoskeletal for Parkinson’s Disease
  • ….. Add Other Conditions as provided

Benefits of Physiotherapy At Home

  • Allows you to have a relaxed state of mind hence, it directly impacts your recovery and only makes recovery better and faster
  • You get to save your time and money
  • Helps you avoid the risk of public infections
  • At home sessions help your friends and family get involved in your treatment and recovery process
  • Your personal or work life doesn’t get disrupted
  • Since you don’t need to travel often, at home therapy increase your chances of recovery

Cost Of Physiotherapy At Home In Delhi?

Our at home physiotherapy sessions aren’t just effective and easy-to-access but are also priced economically. Our rates start from Rs. 800  per session but the actual price of each session can vary depending on a number of factors including the total number of sessions you take, your specific requirements from the sessions, and your expected outcome.

Physiotherapy At Home. How Does It Work?

Physiotherapy At Home. How Does It Work

Step 1: Book A Session

Call us on +91 7830100550 or you can reach out to us at Once we get all the required details, we’ll set up a date.

Step 2: On Call Assessment

During the first session, our team will assess your condition and draft a personalized plan for your recovery. Subsequently, a personal physiotherapist will be assigned for you.

Step 3: At Home Physiotherapist Visit

Once you confirm your appointment date, you’ll receive a visit from our physiotherapist to commence your rehab journey.

Step 4: Continue With Your Rehab As Required

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, your rehab will require multiple sessions. You can slate your appointments as per your schedule and our physiotherapist will be there to guide you towards a healthier future.

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