Graston Technique Therapy


Say Goodbye to Pain with The Graston Technique Therapy

Graston Technique Therapy is an innovative form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization used to detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions in muscles and connective tissue. Specially designed stainless steel tools are used to break down fibrosis and adhesions in soft tissues effectively.  

At Pain Free India Physiotherapy, we utilize the Graston Technique as manual therapy to alleviate pain, restore function, improve mobility, and resolve numerous musculoskeletal conditions.

Graston Technique Therapy

As experts in providing Graston Technique Therapy in India, we employ this therapy to address the following:

  • Chronic Pain:

  1. Lower back pain
  2. Neck pain  
  3. Shoulder impingement
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome   
  5. Tennis elbow
  6. Plantar fasciitis
  • Acute Injuries:

  1. Sprains  
  2. Strains
  3. Tendinitis

How Does Graston Technique Therapy Work?

Graston Technique is applied directly on the skin, over areas of injury or dysfunction. The specially beveled edges of the treatment tools help detect dysfunctional tissues contributing to restricted motion or inflammation.

Our therapists then use precisely directed strokes on affected areas to break down scar tissue adhesions that accumulate over injured tissues. This helps to:

  • Restore proper movement patterns
  • Eliminate muscle and joint pain 
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve circulation  
  • Prevent re-injury through tissue strengthening

Regular Graston treatments enhance soft tissue repair and rejuvenation for accelerated recovery. Preventing adhesion formation is crucial for regaining strength and function.

Graston Technique sessions at Pain Free India Physiotherapy are tailored to each patient’s condition through selective soft tissue mobilization. Our therapists identify limitations to motion and mobility and address associated impairments. This hands-on approach shows faster results than massage alone.

Benefits of Graston Technique Therapy:

  • Breaks down scar tissue adhesions
  • Restores normal muscle movement   
  • Alleviates chronic pain
  • Decreases inflammation 
  • Improves local circulation 
  • Expedites injury recovery
  • Prevents re-injury through tissue strengthening

Regain Flexibility and Mobility

Searching for “Graston Technique Therapy service providers near me” will connect you with specialized therapists in your locality who are providing this treatment. Visit our clinics across Delhi-NCR to learn more about how the Graston Technique can help you recover from nagging pains.

Our highly skilled physiotherapists at Pain Free India Physiotherapy conduct comprehensive assessments to identify dysfunction. We then administer customized Graston Technique Therapy using patented instruments to break down fibrotic scar tissues. This eliminates restrictions and chronic discomfort for good.

Undergo specialized Graston soft tissue mobilization treatments at Pain Free India Physiotherapy to regain strength, flexibility and function. Bid farewell to nagging shoulder, back, knee or ankle pains holding you back!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Graston Technique work?

It uses patented stainless steel tools to break down scar tissue adhesions and restrictions in muscles and connective tissues.

  • What conditions does it treat?   

Graston Technique alleviates chronic and acute musculoskeletal pains, strains, impingement syndromes, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, etc.

  • Is the Graston Technique painful?  

Patients may experience some mild discomfort as adhered tissues are mobilized. Your therapist will adjust the pressure as needed.

  • What does Graston feel like? 

It involves firm pressure stroking over affected areas using smooth beveled tools. This breaks down fibrotic tissues to restore normal tissue mobility.

  • How long are Graston Technique sessions?  

Sessions last 30-60 minutes based on condition severity. Acute injuries may require fewer sessions, while chronic issues need 6 sessions or more.

  • How frequently are sessions required?

Most patients need 2-3 Graston weekly sessions for optimal results for the first 2-4 weeks. Maintenance sessions may follow.

  • When will I see results/improvement?   

Most patients experience significant pain relief and improved range of motion and function within 3-6 Graston Technique sessions.

  • Are there any side effects?  

Some patients can experience muscle soreness for 24-48 hours post-treatment as tissues heal. Bruising may rarely occur. No serious risks are associated with proper Graston administration.

  • Can Graston replace my pain medications?  

While not a substitute for medical care, many patients can reduce their dependence on pain/anti-inflammatory medications using Graston therapy. Consult your doctor.

  • Does insurance cover Graston Therapy?    

Many major insurance providers offer partial coverage for the Graston Technique when administered by licensed healthcare practitioners under physiotherapy treatment. Verify your policy specifics.


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