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Heal Faster with the Power of Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser therapy, is a non-invasive treatment modality that uses low-intensity laser light to stimulate healing and provide therapeutic benefits. Laser therapy helps with several chronic and acute ailments to encourage the body to heal.

It’s an FDA-approved and non-invasive treatment option that uses laser lights to stimulate cells. Laser light is very intense and can even be used to cut steel and diamonds. Laser therapies are FDA-approved, and they are non-invasive ways of coping with pain and other issues.

Pain Free India Physiotherapy utilises advanced laser technology to offer our patients safe, rapid, and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation.

Heal Faster with the Power of Laser Therapy

As laser therapy specialists in Pain Free India Physiotherapy, we design customised programs to address a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Musculoskeletal Pain:

  1. Lower back pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Knee pain
  4. Shoulder pain
  5. Arthritis
  • Acute Sports Injuries:

  1. Sprains
  2. Strains
  3. Tendinitis
  4. Contusions
  • Post-Surgical Recovery:

  1. Fracture healing
  2. Wound healing 
  3. Ligament/tendon repair
  4. Plastic surgery recovery
  • Nerve Regeneration:

  1. Neuropathic pain
  2. Peripheral neuropathy

How Laser Therapy Works

Low-level laser therapy uses specific light wavelengths to penetrate the body’s tissues. This light energy stimulates cellular processes to induce the following therapeutic effects:

  1. Reduced inflammation – Decreases swelling and oedema
  2. Pain relief – Alters nerve conduction and releases endorphins
  3. Accelerated tissue repair – Promotes cellular healing  
  4. Enhanced circulation – Improves blood flow and oxygenation  
  5. Nerve regeneration – Stimulates axonal growth

During sessions, our Pain Free India Physiotherapy therapists use a handheld laser probe to apply laser energy directly to the target area.  The treatment is non-invasive, painless, and causes no heating or damage. Patients typically feel a gentle, soothing warmth as the laser penetrates the skin.

Multiple wavelengths enable us to customise the laser therapy to treat different types of tissues and conditions. Sessions last 5-15 minutes, depending on your specific needs.

Regular laser therapy treatments provide effective pain relief while stimulating faster healing and recovery in both acute and chronic conditions. It is highly safe with no known side effects and well tolerated by patients of all ages.

Experience Safe and Rapid Healing

If you’re looking for a drug-free approach to managing pain and inflammation, search for “Laser Therapy service providers near me” or visit our clinics in Delhi or Gurgaon to learn more.

At Pain Free India Physiotherapy, we utilise advanced laser technology to offer our patients safe, rapid, and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation. As pioneers in providing Laser Therapy in India, we are dedicated to delivering effective treatment using this advanced approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does low-level laser therapy work?

It uses specific wavelengths of low-intensity light to stimulate cellular processes, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and promote tissue healing.

  • What conditions can laser therapy help treat?

It is effective for musculoskeletal pain, acute sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, and nerve-related conditions like neuropathy.

  • Is laser therapy safe? Are there any side effects?

Yes, it is safe and non-invasive, with no known side effects when used appropriately. The low-intensity laser light does not cause any heating or damage to tissues.

  • What does laser therapy feel like?

Patients typically experience a gentle, soothing warmth during treatment as the laser light penetrates the skin. The therapy is painless.

  • How many sessions are required? 

The number of sessions depends on the condition being treated. Acute injuries may require 4-6 sessions, while chronic pain often requires 8-12 sessions.

  • How long does each session last?

Treatment sessions usually last between 5-15 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated and the depth of penetration required.

  • Is laser therapy better than other treatments?

Laser therapy complements other treatments like physiotherapy, chiropractic, etc. It offers a safe and effective option for pain relief and accelerated healing.

  • Are there any precautions with laser therapy?

Care must be taken to avoid direct eye exposure. Inform your therapist about any current medications to rule out potential photosensitivity reactions.

  • Can laser therapy replace pain medications?

For some patients, laser therapy offers sufficient pain relief without the need for drugs. But always consult your doctor before stopping prescribed medications.

  • Does insurance cover laser therapy?

Many major health insurance plans now cover low-level laser therapy treatments. Check with your provider to understand your policy’s coverage.


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